The secret behind the success of Lucky Irani Circus is the contributions of skilled artists and performers too. This can be denounced from the fact that the audience of Lucky Irani Circus comprises not only entertainment lovers from limited class of people but also grabbed likings of those who belong to bureaucracy, establishment, and other literate social masses. Till now Lucky Irani Circus has conducted millions of exciting shows with a fan base of more than two million captivated viewers all over the world due to quality entertainment shows at optimum charges. The animals used by Lucky Irani Circus for quality entertainment includes lions, stallions, giant elephants, bears, camels, monkeys and lengthy king cobras.

Some of the shows involve “Single Wheel Cycling”, “The Lion Act”, “The Riding Chimpanzee”, “Unbelievable Aerial Acts” etc. The Chimpanzees unicycle and walks over a soccer ball without slipping. Elephants though being large give an amazing look while performing different feats. Horses perform freakish circular movements there. Man and Lion rock and roll together to stun audiences. All of these animals are properly fed and managed (during show) by expert trainers to ensure not only entertainment but both security of animal and viewers. The floodlights, glaring bulbs, the announcement of ring master, the leap of viewers from seats due to joy, the clowned jugglers using unusual object wearing ill – fitted garments with painted faces, the knife throwing, axe walk, the final salute of performing crew etc. all comes into play to add more to the beauty of circus. In a nutshell the future of this industry (not only in Pakistan but also worldwide) is secure as long as the brands like Lucky Irani Circus exist